Why Learn Computer Programming

I would like to share with you some few thought on why you need to have an idea of Computer Programming irrespective of your field of study.
Make not mistake about it, this is not to suggest that you become a Computer Programmer or become a pro on several programming languages. Its simply to let you keep pace with the latest trends in technology.
From the wristwatch on your wrist to your mobile phone to your table right up to the vehicle you take to work, all have pieces of programs that controls some of the functions. And make not mistake about it, when you use the computer, tapping the keys on the keyboard and clicking the mousebutton, computer programs are generated behind the scenes to carry out the operations you requested.


Five Reasons to Learn Computer Programming

So I have outlined 5 reasons that makes it necessary to learn programming

One: You Could do More With your Personal Computer

Without basic knowledge of programming, you could actually be underutilizing your personal computers. An example would be the much you could accomplish if you could use Microsoft Excel Macros or VBA (Visual Basic of Application). Which these tools and a knowledge of programming you could actually create stunning tools that can be used for a variety o purposes: record-keeping, personal budget, diary etc


Two: You Can Add Some Fun Stuff Career

When you watch some and interesting cartoon movie or a captivating animation, it would interest you to know that much work has been done in creating the programs that drives each bits and pieces you see on the screen. the good news is that you could create one for yourself with a basic knowledge of computer programming.


How Do You Start Learning.

You can actually get to enroll in a programming class, watch videos, buy a couple of programming textbooks, but then you may not still get far.

The best option is to used www.kttpro.com as a learning base. Here, I would be taking you through a beginner course on basic Computer Programming. Leave a comment to let me know if you have started learning a particular programming language and then i would guide you.

Feel free to reach me on my email provided on the contact page.

For a start you can go through my first tutorial : Introduction to Computer Programming for Beginners