Secrets of Getting a Job Through LinkedIn – Part 1

Good to see you here! I’m Kindson The Tech Pro, here to tell you how to get a job via LinkedIn.

Each time I receive a job offer through LinkedIn, I feel i could transfer it to a friend (maybe you, if i know you) but oftentimes, that is not possible. I have turned down a number of job offers gotten through LinkedIn and I would let you know what to do to be able get job offers through LinkedIn.

Every year, hundreds of persons like you get employed on a good job through LinkedIn. Employers around the world anonymously scan LinkedIn profiles of potential applicant searching for match for an offer available. The interesting thing is that, LinkedIn on its own does not need a recruiter, its already a recruitment tool used by CEOs, MDs.


So what happens is that while that companies may have a recruitment department or recruitment team. Who take care of screening applicants who applied for a particular position. Somewhere in an office, a list of possible matches for the position gotten from LinkedIn are being prepared. The fact is that every day that passes by employers tend to augment the human efforts of recruits with the strength of the LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.


So the questions are:

  • What would make it possible for you to be contacted by employees who scans LinkedIn for Professionals?
  • How can you make your profile visible to as many employees as possible?
  • How can you prepare to defend you profile, if called for an unscheduled online interview?


Get Up to Profile Visibility Level 2 (500+ Connections)

This is the first step. Why is this necessary? This is because in LinkedIn, there is a concepts of profile visibility levels. Visibility Level 0 applies to profiles with connections below 100, Level 1 applies to profiles with connections below 500, and Level 2 for profiles with connections of 500 and above. What this would mean is that if there are two Accountants with profile visibility levels 1 and 2, then the accountant with profile visibility level 2 would be seen by more employers than that of profile visibility level 1.


How Can You Build Your Connections? The answer is engage in networking activities (not networking with cables!). So don’t miss opportunities to attend seminars workshops and other professional events. At such forums, try to identify and interact with attendees, adopts a friendly approach and always be ready to give a brief and honest introduction of yourself.


Examine the dialogue below

Networker: Good evening sir, good to see you here.

CEO/Employer: Good to see you too

Networker: This has been a wonderful workshop, I hope they can organize one in upcoming weeks

CEO/Employer: Sure

Networker: I think I read came across your profile on Sure your are Mr. ABC, the CEO of def Limited.

CEO/Employer:Yeah. An you’re…?

Networker: Kindson Munonye a Consultant Software Engineer Specialized in Enterprise Applications

CEO/Employer: Wow! That is nice. I did a programming course years back when I was working with kkk Incorporated in Canada.

Networker: Really?

CEO/Employer: Sure, but could not continue with this programming thing..but…can you  see me in my office by next week so we can discuss Information Systems Project we would like to outsource…This is my business card, you can call me during office hours

Networker: Sure I will…This is mine.


This is not a guarantee that he would get a job but you can see in that dialogue how Networking skills is applied. The professional could as well have left the hall after the seminar just like a number of other attendees, but he chose to linger and engage in networking activities. Now consider the this is a high profile seminar and he is able to relate with 7 different employers. Now you get what I’m saying. So with this and many other attendees, you can return home and enlarge your LinkedIn network.

So he point is: build your network.

In Part 2, We would consider other factors necessary to increase the possibility of your getting employed in via LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading.

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