Citation as an NYSC Corp Member – By Kindson Munonye

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I do feel to share this citation with you on my NYSC service year in 2008/2009.



Corps member Munonye Kindson with registration number RV/08B/1626 was born on the 14th of April 1982. He is the 6th son of Mr and Mrs Uwadiegwu Munonye who hails from Akokwa, in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State. He attended his primary school in Warri, Delta State then he completed his secondary school in Akokwa in Imo State. After his primary and secondary education and making excellent grades, he was admitted on merit into the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt where he studied Computer Engineering and obtained a B. Tech in Computer Engineering in 2006.

He was mobilized to serve in Rivers State after his schooling in 2008. He reported to camp on the first day of the orientation camp being 26th of August 2008 at Nonwa Gbam Tai Local Government Area in Rivers State. After all the registration process, he was deployed to platoon 6. He participated in various sporting activities including football and weight lifting in the platoon.
He took very seriously various camp activities including, the Man ‘O War paramilitary training, the long distance trek (endurance trek), helping out in the kitchen to prepare meals and he never missed attending any of the lectures organized for corps members in the camp.
After a successful orientation course, Corps Member Munonye Kindson was posted to Model Boys Secondary School in Omoku, Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA) under Ahoada Zonal Office in Rivers State for his primary assignment.
He reported promply and immediately settled down and started work in the classroom.
He was assigned to teach mathematics in SS2 class under the Post Primary Schools Board.
Being a corps member with computer engineering background, the principal found him very useful in helping the school out in their typesetting and document preparation work using the computer the school has.
He even helped the school set up a computer office by repairing two old computers that had been lying in the principals office thereby introducing the use of computer to the school. So throughout his stay in the Model Boys Secondary School, he spent his free time typing the various roasters, memos and other documents for the school.
Kindson Munonye was attached to the Health CD group which normally carries out CD activities every Wednesday. The objective of the group is to sensitize the general public in the need to maintain a healthy way of life with emphasis on prevention of HIV/AIDS and other communicable but preventable diseases.
He strongly participated in it and went to a number of secondary schools to enlighten them on the need to avoid premarital sex as this is the main cause of HIV/AIDS. One of the schools visited was Community Secondary School, Ebogoro.

Health Sensitization in the Market: He together with other members of the group also visited the market place to sensitize women especially on ways to maintain good healthcare both for themselves and that of the children.
Some of the highlights of the enlightenment programs include:
HIV/AIDs Prevention and Control: He joined in enlightening the people on the causes of the epidemic and how the virus spreads. Then he advised every one on the need for abstinence and faithfulness as the best protection against the disease.
In the Clinics and Hospital/Health Centers
Relevant to maintaining a good standard of living is the environment we live in. If the environment and surroundings are not healthy, then health problems can easily surface. In the light of this, he spearheaded the group in their efforts to reach a number of health centers including the General Hospital in Omoku, ONELGA, Rivers State. of the environment/surrounding of the hospital.
He also enthusiastically participated in preparation and distribution of handbills to be distributed to the public.


His Personal CD has to do with enlightenment on the need for computer studies in secondary schools. This includes gathering information to be used to prepare materials to be distributed to students to enable them understand and appreciate the importance of Information Technology.
Below is outlined the strategies he applied to actualize the project.
Obtaining the syllabus for Computer Studies for secondary schools
Engaging in intensive research in Libraries and the Internet to obtain the relevant information needed for the textbook and study material.
Actual organizing and producing the manuscript for the publication to be used for the training program as enclosed with the proposal preceding this report
Involving IT professionals including lecturers in proof-reading and accessing the produced manuscript. He was able to reach a well known IT firm in his place of primary assignment such as Akins IT Professionals to enlighten them on the need to contribute to development by subsidizing internet use for students
Actual publishing of the textbook. Although this aspect has not been fully completed, part of the textbook was arranged into a comprehensive study material of which copies of it were printed.
Reaching out to schools and the public at large and organizing computer awareness lectures in schools
Conducting training programs for students on computer operation.
Giving out of free copies of the books to as many schools as possible as well as members of the public who are youths.


Preparing of Textbook: “Computer Studies for Secondary Schools”
He also made effort to organize a 226-page comprehensive textbook entitled: “Computer Studies for Secondary School” which exhaustively covers the government approved syllabus. The preparation of this textbook as well as the accompanying workbook took a period of 8 months. Although this book has not been published, a part of it was printed and used for the training programs in secondary schools, at homes, in computer centers, in extramural classes he organized.
He also took the time to organize the workbook he used for the training program. This is an 85-page workbook containing well-designed lessons made to help a student become computer literate in just two months. Just like the textbook, part of the workbook was printed out and used for the training programs he organized.
In the course of the project, he was able to register an email address for a number of students in schools in various schools in the area which includes: Model Boys Secondary School, Omoku; Government Community Secondary School, Obite; Omoku City Secondary School, Omoku among others. He also took the pains of putting them through how to use the email address effectively.


Giving out of Study Materials to Students
As mentioned earlier, the textbook and the workbook were not published due to time constraints but part of the books were organized into a comprehensive study material and issued out to some students in selected schools in the course of the training program.


Training of Students on the Use of Computers
Although the project focused on development of study materials and awareness programs efforts were made however to given a considerable training to some students on the use of computers.
He made extensive use of his personal computer to teach a few students the basics of computer operation and use. The students that received the training were also given study materials and were told to make effort to continue acquiring relevant knowledge in the area of Information Technology.
HE also used an Internet Center in the Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku to conduct some of the training with the permission of the management.
Due to his hard work he was able to train about 20 student in various schools in his place of primary assignment.


Conducting Awareness Programs on Importance of Information Technology in Schools
He also made efforts to reach as many as possible, especially students, teachers and parents to enlighten them on the importance of Information Technology in our modern society.
Due to his industriousness, He was able to help a number of schools set up a computer lab for training of students. His hard work earned him recognition from various individuals both in the local government and beyond.


They include:

Mr. Kaitell Azubuike, The Principal, Model Boys Secondary School, Omoku.
Mr Arjie Meeting JP, The Principal, Government Community Secondary school, Obite

For these numerous achievements, Sir, I wish to present corps member Munonye Kindson RV/08B/1626 for conferment of NYSC state Honors Award.


The Citation ends here. Thanks for reading though.

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