Free Websites Initiative(FWI) by KTTPRO

As part of our focus on creating enlightenment on the importance on digitizing and web technologies, KTTPRO has launched an initiative targeted on creating an online presence for every organization in Nigeria.

About the Free Website Initiative(FWI)

The Free Website Initiative is a new initiative launched in April 2017 as an incentive to support SME in developing countries with focus on Africa. This is actually a similar to the Website For All Initiative(FWA) which has been in existence since 2008 in partnership with Datarmatics Ltd.

However, the Free Website Initiative means that you can get a fully functional website at zero cost. For the Website For All(WFA) you actually pay for the domain name and hosting and get your free design.


How It Works

The Initiative is partly funded by the Institute of Human and Natural Resources of Nigeria and partly funded by contributions from volunteer organizations and the duration would be from the 1st of April 2017 to June 2013.

To apply you need to fill and submit the form below

Then you need to specify any details you would like to included in your website. Images you would like to used can be mailed to

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