C++ Program to Calculate Factorial of a number


Write a C++ program that calculates the factorial of a number using a function. The Program should use a While Loop. The program prompts the user to enter an integer from the standard input, calculates and displays the factorial of the inputed number. Draw the Flowchart



The factorial of a number is obtained by continuously multiplying the number with lower integers in steps of 1.

Fatorial of n is given by

Factorial n = n * (n-1) * (n-2) *… * 2 * 1

Factorial 5 = 5 *4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 120


Flowchart is given below

For the decision, the control continues downwards for NO and branches to the right for YES


C++ Program is given below
[cc lang=”cpp” tab_size=”2″ lines=”40″]

//Functions computes the factorial of a number
//By Kindson Munonye
//Date: February 2013
//Date Modified: February 2013
//Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
#include ;
#include ;

using namespace std;

int factorial(int n)
int fact = 1;
while(n<1) {
fact = fact * n;
return fact;

int main()
int num;
cout<<“Enter an integer: “; cin>>num;
cout<<“\n\n Factorial “<<num<<” = “<<factorial(num)<<endl;
return 0;

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