About KTTPro

About This Website, KTTPro.com

The kttpro.com website was developed to provide free instructions, trainings, materials, tutorials etc for students and other who would like to enhance their knowledge of various technical concepts.

The  areas discussed includes:


Computer Science Topics

Topics taken from Computer Science curriculum is included such as the Concept of Operating System, Compiler Construction,  Relational Database Management (theoretical perspective) etc


Database Topics

This is one of the core concepts discussed in this site. Topics include

Microsoft SQL Server

Oracle Server and related products such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Application Express, SQL Developer, PL-SQL etc

NoSQL concepts are treated exhaustively. Topics includes MongoDB, Migration from Relational to NoSQL, DynamoDB and lots more.

Microsoft Access Database is also treated as well as how to moved data between Excel, Access and MS SQL


Website Development

Use of tools such as Dreamweaver, WordPress, Macromedia Flash, JQuery and other website development tools are presented. In KTTPro.com, you can learn how to build your own website in a very short time.


CISCO Networking

A wide range of networking concepts are highlighted and discussed in exhaustively. This includes, Routing and Switching, Subnetting, IP Addressing etc.


Solving Maths Problems Using Excel

Here you would learn the following

  • How to Solve Matrices Using Excel
  • How to Solve Quadratic Equations Using Excel.
  • How to Solve Simultaneous Equations Using Excel
  • How to Use Solver and GoalSeek in Excel
  • How to Solve Statistics Problems in Excel
  • Creating a Balance Sheet in Excel
  • And lots more!